Welcome to the new homepage of the GENIA Project!

The GENIA Project was founded by prof. Jun'ichi Tsujii and ran at the Tsujii Laboratory of University of Tokyo from 1998 to 2012. A full list of project members and support can be found on the acknowledgments page.

These pages provide access to resources and tools introduced in the GENIA Project as well as information about the project. 
  • The primary annotated resource created in the GENIA Project is the GENIA corpus, which consists of multiple layers of annotation, encompassing both syntactic and semantic annotation.
  • The GENIA Project initiated the BioNLP Shared Task series and has organized a number of tasks in three different shared task events. Resources relating to these tasks are found on the shared task resources page.
  • In addition to the primary GENIA corpus and shared task resources, GENIA Project has also created or coordinated the annotation of multiple other corpus resources, summarized on the other corpora page.
  • Resources not developed by the GENIA Project, but which are related to its efforts. These can be found on the related resources page
GENIA Project resources include also a rich set of automatic tools for various annotation tasks, most trained on various parts of the GENIA corpus annotations.